by Sofia Leite

It was June, in a beautiful mountain in Picos of Europe, we were sitting under a gorgeous tree. One of my dearest friends said “I wish I had your courage to change my life. You did it, and now you’re doing so well!”. I smiled and said, “Yes, but that’s the very short version of the process I’ve been through, without the painful part.”

Without a doubt, it was the best thing I could’ve done, but along the way, I had constant challenges and tests, that I overcame one by one, one day at a time. I was scared and had many doubts, but my conviction never let me give up.

Here are some challenges I had to face.

1 – Fear

It’s true, there’s always fear, especially when we’re going to leave everything that’s certain and step into the unknown. Fear never goes away, but I don’t let it make any decision. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, me and fear are on this journey together, but fear is going on the back seat of the car and can’t decide anything. It’s not even allowed to touch the radio!

2 – Doubts and uncertainties

It’s another constant, and it’s normal to question if it was the best decision. Many times! I remember once there was a week when everybody who had scheduled, canceled. Even one person who didn’t have an appointment called to cancel! I thought it was surreal and perhaps a sign that something was not ok. I waited and wondered if I was just needing a pause and rest some time. A bit annoyed, that’s what I did, and after a while, everything went back to normal.

3 – What other people say

Conversations like “It’s not going to work. What if you regret it? It’s too risky, too difficult. You better stay where you are, …etc.” Honestly, I have zero interest in chats like this. What we put our attention on, grows, and really it’s not the reality I’m interested in. I always think it might be true for you, but it’s not for me.

4 – It was not what I was expecting

At all. It’s much better! I tried to be flexible (like the bamboo) and experimented several approaches and techniques, and naturally left behind what didn’t work or didn’t like, and develop what gave better and faster results. With time, I dropped my expectations and stopped judging if it was good or bad. I trust in the Universe and know that what happens is always the best for me. I think that usually we dream too small and are almost afraid to ask for good things, be it to have inner peace, heal a health issue or solve a difficult financial situation. It’s always good to leave space and an open door for life to surprise us. We don’t have to control everything. Maybe it’s not the way we thought, but it can be so much better.

It’s time. Courage 🙂

About Sofia:

I met Sofia last year on the Camino de Santiago along with friend, Marisa Carvalho, both from Portugal. Sofia walks the Camino every year.  I was drawn to her for her spirituality, kindness, and dedication.  After the walk, we met again later in Portugal and have remained friends since.  We plan to get together and walk a different route of the Camino together in the future.  Thank you, Sofia for the engaging conversations and look forward to joining our forces together in the future.

Sofia has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Porto and has worked in the pharmacy area for seven years. She has taken courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Graduate Studies in Energy Medicine with Dr. Tran Viet Dzung.  Sofia is a Reiki Master.  She believes that more important than to choose one specific therapy is to chose the therapist. We can only understand, interpret and transmit the reality till our own level of development, and that affects directly the way a therapist works.