About Me

A few years ago, I faced yet another crossroad. Although I enjoyed life, exercised daily, moved into a beautiful apartment, changed jobs, and received my master’s degree, I felt something was missing.

I came to the conclusion that I was not leveraging my real skills and that I was seeking more adventure. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but I was ready for something different. By using a variety of tools that I had collected throughout my career and personal research, I laid out a vision, and a strange thing happened. With an Eat-Pray-Loveish twist, pieces of my puzzle started to naturally fall into place.

I met an amazing man, quit my job and started exploring the world.
Because they knew what I had gone through, family and friends began asking me for advice about divorce, career changes and moving. I realized my own experiences were benefiting others. The next natural step was to apply these experiences with my skills and education to help others become their best selves.