“Watch for inspirational stories starting on Monday.

In 2017, I launched Vida Life Coaching with the intention of helping women through their life challenges. I am pleased that I have motivated clients who have entrusted me with their trials and feelings. Together we are working together on career changes, relationships, and inner peace goals. We are making progress one step at a time.

I have posted a few blogs about gratitude and reflection and as well I have posted Facebook and Instagram photos about positivity. Soon, I will be sharing blogs written by amazing women I have met throughout my personal journey. Some I have known for many years and others just in the last few years. I feel they have so much to give and contribute to you. I want to gather all this wealth of information and be able to share it with all of you, my readers.

Over the next year, please enjoy some articles written by these well-respected women from all over the world and whom I am grateful to call my friends. I hope you will enjoy their inspirational wisdom and stories. Please look for my blog post on Monday morning introducing Kim Salisbury and her article titled, Brave Confessions From an Older Woman.

And when you’re ready to move forward with your personal challenge and growth, please contact me to set up a consultation.

May your weekend be filled with the fresh air of spring.