What am I grateful for?

When searching for “gratitude” or “being grateful”, my search engine came up with 233,000,000 results.  You might find a story about someone putting a stone in a pocket as a reminder of gratitude, someone logging gratitude in an Excel spreadsheet, or someone writing a daily gratitude journal.

I attached a piece of notebook paper on my bathroom mirror with “What are you grateful for?”. gratefulNothing fancy, but it reminded me of being grateful.  And I continue to remember to be grateful as much as I can.

Our family reunion was no exception. For as long as I can remember, our family has been getting together to celebrate Chilefest. This is our annual tradition of roasting and peeling green chiles from New Mexico, catching up with family members and enjoying fresh margaritas.Chilefest2017collage

I’m grateful that my parents are still alive and healthy and that we are all able to continue to share the stories of our past.

I’m grateful for my sister who continues to inspire me as she works hard as a mother, wife, professor, writer, and world traveler.

I’m grateful for my other family members who share varying views of politics, passions and pastimes because it fosters understanding, provides different perspectives and stimulates my worldly thinking.

And I’m grateful for my partner, who is my driving force and challenges me every day by playing devil’s advocate and motivating me with ideas.

233,000,001 results. My first blog and I am grateful.